Dental Crowns

If you have a toothache or a broken tooth, our team is here to help. Our dentists are experts in restorative dentistry and can help you restore your smile and your bite with a custom-built, comfortable dental crown. Call our office to schedule an appointment, and see if dental crowns are right for you.

What Is A Dental Crown?

Essentially, dental crowns are false teeth. They are hollow shells of porcelain that are designed to look and feel just like a natural tooth, and they will blend in with your existing teeth perfectly.

Crowns are attached permanently to your natural tooth and they cover the remaining tooth structure, all the way down to the gumline. Because they cover the remaining tooth structure, crowns are ideal for repairing severely-damaged teeth. If you have a decayed, infected, or broken tooth, a dental crown may be used in combination with other treatments like root canal therapy to restore your smile.

Crowns are also sometimes used for purely cosmetic purposes, but this is rare since other treatments like veneers and dental bonding are usually more suitable for cosmetic dental treatment.

The Dental Crown Placement Process

Getting a dental crown takes two appointments over a period of about 2-3 weeks. During your first appointment, your dentist will clean and numb the area around the tooth, then carefully remove decayed and damaged tooth material.

After your first visit, your dentist will take impressions of the tooth and send this information to our partner dental lab, where a custom-built dental crown will be made. This crown will look and feel just like a natural tooth. In the meantime, you’ll be sent home with a temporary crown to protect your tooth.

In a few weeks, your permanent crown will arrive, and you’ll come in for your second and last appointment. Your dentist will remove your temporary crown, check the fit of your permanent crown, then bond it into place, completing the procedure.

How Long Does A Crown Last?

Dental crowns usually last between 10-20 years, but it’s not uncommon for crowns to last 20+ years. To keep your crown healthy, you must maintain good oral hygiene. Brush twice a day, floss daily, and see your dentist for a teeth cleaning and oral exam every six months.

Does It Hurt To Get A Crown?

Placing a dental crown is not painful. Your mouth will be completely numb during the process, and you won’t feel any pain or discomfort during the crown preparation process. It will be totally pain-free.

We even offer sedation dentistry to our patients. If you’re nervous about your upcoming crown appointment at our office, sedation can help you feel more relaxed and ensure you feel absolutely no discomfort during your treatment.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you believe you are in need of a dental crown, a consultation will allow our team to examine your teeth and provide you with the best recommendations for your smile. A dental crown can protect a natural tooth and save it from an extraction or further damage. To book your consultation, call our team today!

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